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Not Your Average Marketing Agency


Most agencies tell you they’re client-centered, until they try to push their ideas and price tags onto you. Everything we do will come from a discussion with you, our boss.


We know that small & medium sized business can dominate Content Marketing, and we bring the tech know-how, the creativity and the strategy to make it happen.

Lean Agency

We’re a committed group of talented people who squeeze the best ROI from your marketing dollar. We have low overheard and we’re constantly innovating on your behalf.


We take the time to collaborate with you on a strategy that works with your brand and gives your marketing the trajectory it needs.


You’ve tried Marketing Agencies before and they haven’t worked; I know that. I’m as frustrated as you are with slick agencies that promise the world but all you end up with is a bill for expensive SEO and a bunch of ideas that go nowhere because the agency didn’t take the time to get to know you and your brand.

You’re going to have a different experience with Craft. We’re going to take the time to get to know your brand so that we can build a program customized to you. I used my frustrations I’ve had, as a business owner, with Marketing Agencies as the basis of my vision for Craft:

Other Agencies


Use online tactics because they can be done from the office and no one has to leave their desk

Marketing is about much more than online methods. We use the tactics that work for you, whether that’s a blog, flyer, seminar, workshop or personal chats with your best customers.

Focus only on getting new customers.

Acquiring new customers is 5 times more expensive than getting new ones. We put as much focus on nourishing your existing customer base as we do on getting new customer

To invest heavily in SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in order to send people to your website.

What good is website traffic if there’s no content for them to engage with? We believe in getting awesome content on your website first, and the traffic flow increases organically once that happens.

Beautiful office and lots of overhead.

Craft is a band of creative freelancers. We work remotely and have no office, which also means no rent to add overhead onto our prices. As a lean agency, we keep our prices lean, too.

Dazzle you with creative ideas that might or might not fit with your brand.

Let’s collaborate. By knowing your business first, our creativity will be customized to your brand. We want to produce ideas that work for you.

Our Story

Craft was founded by a business owner and is for business owners.

  • Online Marketing 100%
  • Graphic Design 90%
  • Creating Awesome Content 90%
  • Website Design 80%


Small and medium businesses all have one thing in common: our customers don’t come to us for our prices. They can find better prices at the box stores; they come to us for an experience. You don’t have big marketing budgets. Big campaigns are off the table. You need customized, consistent content and, above all, you need innovation that speaks directly to your customer.

Excellent down to earth approach to marketing. As someone not that comfortable with social media, I found it very helpful. The E-Book is excellent.

Lynne Taylor-Ryan

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