Hahn and Houle

In order to thrive, every company must ask themselves: what do I offer that no one else does? Hahn and Houle have answered that question with an innovative approach to accounting. In collaboration with Craft, Hahn and Houle is focusing on Process Improvement as a value-added service to its clients. From blogs to videos, in-person seminars to whiteboard in the office, they’re not only publishing content: they’re living it.

Hahn and Houle is embracing Content Marketing and seeing the results, from keen interest in the new email newsletter to clients asking how to eliminate business waste. We’re exciting to continue to strategize, create content, design, manage online campaigns, and learn about Process Improvement alongside Hahn and Houle.

Value-Added Services


Seminar video filming & editing

In Person Seminars

Seminar setup, invite and social media advertising

Blog Posts

Blog posts written for Hahn and Houle’s target audience, distributed by email, website, and social media

Newsletter Content