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Content Strategy

Strategy is the key to success, and it’s different for everyone. Let’s put our heads together and build a plan for the best ROI.

Our comprehensive content strategy encompasses 4 weekly meetings and covers:

1 Year SMART Goals

Target Persona

Existing Content Analysis

Mapping an interconnected Content Ecosystem

Charting content platforms, topics, and tactics

SEO and keyword planning

Building a timeline of content roll-out


$2500 or $1500 as part of a larger Content Creation package

Craft is a Client-Centered agency, and we take that term seriously. You know that you have a different product, customers, and than another business that, to everyone else, appears very similar. You marketing must be as uniques as your business. You know your business; we know what works and how to execute it.

Content Creation

Your customers, and what they expect, are changing rapidly. If you’ve been marketing in ways that have “always worked before”, you may be stuck in a demographic rut. Baby Boomers, the bread-and-butter base for speciality retail for decades, are spending less. Gen Xers, consisting largely of young families and thirty-somethings, are flexing they muscles as consumers. We know how to engage them.

Content & Blogging

Answer your customers’ questions and address their concerns through customized blogs, info-graphics, how-tos, and even workshops. Become the authority and remind your customers of what you can offer, and what the box-stores can’t.

  • 500-700 word blog, optimized content, in an engaging format
  • Includes original graphic or photography
  • Published on appropriate channels

$300 each or $250 in clusters of 5 of more


Craft crates original and awesome online guides on topics that your customers are passionate about. We customize them to you and target them on Facebook for people to download and, when they do, opt in to your email. From there, we send them a custom offer to get them into your store and finish their journey from anonymous browser to paying customer. This techniques is often only used by large companies due to its complexity. Craft is bringing it to independents and we’ll manage all aspects, from writing to CASL compliance to bringing your new customers into the store.

  • 3000-4000 words, optimized and engaging
  • Graphics, photography and layout
  • Landing page, Call-to-Action and list management

3000-4000 words, optimized and engaging

Video & Production

“Lean” 2-3 min video:
2-3 minute promotional video:

  • Bullet-point script
  • Professional Videographer and camera
  • Basic editing and publishing

$350 or $275 if shot in clusters or 2 or more

2-3 minute promotional video:

  • Pre-Production (storyboard and scripting)
  • Professional Videographer and camera
  • Post-Production (editing, sound syncing, publishing)


Content Management

While attracting new customers makes great headlines, retaining customers has a massive impact on the bottom line. Acquiring a new customer costs about 7X as much as retaining an existing one. With every effort we make to get a customer, we should be making the same effort to keep a customer. Your an Independent, and your customers aren’t coming to you because you’re the cheapest. They come to you because you offer more than the “what” of your product line; you offer the “why” and the “how.”

Email Marketing

You probably have an email newsletter. Are you giving your subscribers a reason to open it? Email is the most powerful tool in your arsenal, with up to 40X the ROI of a Facebook post. But if you’re only sending out sales and discounts, the only people opening it will be your diehard supporters. Reach more of your customers with consistent custom content. We’ll handle every aspect of your email marketing, from online sign up tools to branded templates, content, and more.

  • Customized template and graphics
  • Collaboration for business promotional information
  • A/B testing and reporting

$300 or $500 if combined with blog creation

List Building & Management

  • Creation of a “hook” for subscribers as extension of strategy
  • Landing page and Calls-to-Action as needed
  • List management (cleaning, deliverability, compliance)
  • Optimization of website for conversions

$200/ month or $100 as part of consistent Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Facebook and Twitter management (other platforms by request)

  • Social Media Strategy as extension of Content Strategy
  • 5 posts/ week, content and style determined by business
  • Social listening and dialoguing for customer service and/or problem solving as

$1200/ month or $900 as part of other Content Creation services

Content Marketing Consultation


If you’re a 1-2 person business, or just want to dip your toes in, this consult package is a good way to get started. What we cover will be up to you, although if you don’t have a working Strategy in place than Rob will recommend that first.


$250 – For two 90 minute sessions

Hourly Services

Graphic Design – $60/hour

  • Flyers, print advertising, business cards, large signage

Photography – $80/hour

  • Professional standard, client retains all pictures

Animation – $60/hour

  • Basic video animation

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Robs sessions or the services that his company provides. He’s tested everything that he talks about. HE tested it.

Craft isn’t just telling you what to do, it’s doing what you need to do.

Megan Quinn