Craft is a team of passionate marketers, with many owning their own small businesses.

Rob Sproule, the Founder, is Co-Owner and head of Marketing for Salisbury Greenhouse in Sherwood Park. His techniques have made Salisbury an industry leader in attracting young customers and driving record sales. He’s chosen his team based on their skills, their creativity, and their understanding of what small and medium business owners are looking for.

Rob Sproule

Founder & Strategy

Megan Hahn

Creative Consultant

Gwen Smith

Web & Graphics

Bethellen Webster

Graphic Design

Justin Currie

Videography & Podcasts

Kristilee Parish


Craft Seminars was inspiring and innovative. Everyone in the room that gave feedback to questions before the seminar were given ideas on how to improve the business through social media, blogs and ways of advertising. These applications will prove most useful in my business.

Jeannette Loiselle

JGL Virtual Assistant Services

Below are the 3 expectations that are the beginning of our Core Values at Craft Marketing.

Collaboration within our team isn’t just about developing projects;
it’s in building an agency we are proud of.


At Craft Marketing we expect our employees creative best. As a start up and as an agency based on quality and adaptability, our team tackles each project with passion and fresh perspective. We work together to support each other and provide our clients with the very best we have to offer.


Craft Marketing is a stickler for deadlines. As an agency, we deliver on our promises, and the most creative work in the world will fall flat if it’s late. When we work with our clients we are honest and open about what we can realistically take on and the time it takes.


Craft Marketing has a passion for digital marketing and we are continually building our knowledge on it.Our team was chosen not only for their creativity, but also for your entrepreneurial spirit. We are driven to learn something new everyday and are always improving our game. The Craft team thrives on collaborative effort and embracing new techniques and ideas.